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How much time should elapse after the birth and pregnancy before I can start practicing ?

How much time should elapse after the birth before I can start practicing ?
Doctors do not recommend exercising before passing at least six weeks after childbirth. In any case, it is necessary to consult with your doctor to make , depending on your condition, you could recommend what exercise you can do. Even after childbirth, if a vaginal delivery , it is recommended to light physical activity such as walking , which can harm your health, but you gently back into shape. If you were born by cesarean section recovery period will be a little longer because the cut will take a few weeks to fully zacjelio . But in this case it is recommended to walk slowly to prevent the formation of blood clots. Today, more and more centers in its offer exercise tailored to young mothers, some of them even include the arrival of a child to exercise. Be sure to keep in mind that it should take a few months of giving birth before you start with intensive training.
Caution for separated abdominal muscles after childbirth

Pregnancy During pregnancy belly grow is to spread the front abdominal muscles . They are starting to come back to the starting position for several weeks after birth . This phenomenon of separation of muscles called " diastasis recti " . By the eighth week postpartum abdominal muscles should be at least partially recovered . Before you start training definitely should visit a doctor to determine what is the position of the muscles . If more intensive exercise abdominal muscles begin before their return to the starting position there is a danger that the muscles remain separated. Position muscle can check both at home and on the way to lie on your back and touch the abdominal muscles . After delivery, the separation of muscles around the navel may be wide and up to 3 fingers and gradually decreases. It is not advisable to do sit-ups before muscle distance is reduced to at least one finger spacing.
Can exercise affect breastfeeding ?

Pregnancy Just exercise does not affect milk production , but avoid exercising muscle pain which could make it difficult and painful to do just breastfeeding . Breastfeeding is the most important healthy and balanced diet and adequate fluid intake , which stimulates milk production . If you started with exercise is recommended to breastfeed her child before the exercise to the weight of the breast as small as possible and facilitate your workout. As with all women after childbirth, so be advised during the workout wear comfortable bra that you do not tighten , preferably made ​​of natural materials to the skin could breathe freely .
Symptoms that indicate that you are with exercise started soon after birth

If you notice a powerful discharge or bleeding again although it stopped after birth may indicate that your body is not yet ready for some exercise. Be sure to contact your doctor to determine whether there are grounds for concern , or is allowed to continue to practice , only slightly slower pace.

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